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How can you help FrodoZ?
FrodoZ is and Open Source project and that basically means that you shouldn't sit back and wait for things to happen... Instead you should take an active role in development...

I wanna help with development
In this case you should get to work on the code immediately. You can use anonymous CVS access to get a copy of the source. If you feel comfortable with it and feel that you can improve this project in any way, just send me a mail with a short summary who you are and how you can improve FrodoZ and I'll get back to you about write access to the CVS.

I'm no programmer, can I still help?
You certainly can... as you know a program consists of more then just code. Usually it comes with content, documentation and support, and an OpenSource project needs those as well.

I wanna help with support and/or documentation, but how?
Just use the forums or mail me at hansschmucker )at( I'll look thru the fourms on a regular basis and use the information I find there to compose a manual and a FAQ.

Anything else?
Whenever you feel like something is wrong or incomplete, just send me a mail. (hansschmucker )at(