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What's FrodoZ?
FrodoZ is Jeff Mitchell (skeezix) and Paul Colclough's (squidge) port of Christian Bauer's Frodo Commodore C64 Emulator to the Tapwave Zodiac , a gaming device based on PalmOS Garnet (5)

What's an Emulator?
An Emulator is a piece of software, which acts like a certain (possible non-existing) piece of hardware. For example if you had two calculators, one that calculates in degree and one that works with radians, you could "Emulate" the degree calculator on the radian calculator by entering every number divided by 180 and multiplied by PI.
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What's a Commodore C64?
A C64 is an old home computer, which has been sold about 30 million times. The C64 was designed as a gaming platform and had superb multimedia capabilities like hires output and a highquality music synthesizer. However it's huge RAM (64 kbyte) and low price also made it attractive for enterprise use, with software ranging from music software over word processing to webservers.
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What's a Zodiac?
The Zodiac is the first product from Tapwave. It is designed to replace traditional PDA's, just like portable gaming platforms such as the N-Gage or the GBA. Features include a hires 480x320 truecolor screen, 2D/3D accelerated graphics, an analog controller, force-feedback and a superb audio system, capable of playing MP3 or OGG files. It's based on a modified version of PalmOS 5.2(Garnet)
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What's PalmOS?
PalmOS is the leading OS for PDAs (Personal Data Assistants).
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